The Histolog® Scanner provides a thorough view of tissue architecture, guiding clinicians immediately during surgery with unprecendented precision. 

The accuracy of the information provided to clinicians is a game changer for their intraoperative practice, and we are only at the beginning of understanding the full potential of Histolog® images. SamanTree Medical is actively developing training materials and advanced image analysis tools to fully exploit this potential.

As part of the development of our breast cancer training materials, Dr. Moira Ragazzi from AUSL-IRCCS Reggio Emilia (Italy), performed blind assessments of hundreds of margin images collected during intraoperative utilization of the Histolog® Scanner on breast cancer patients. Once her analysis was complete, we ran one of our algorithms on Histolog® images, which proved to be a formidable ally:

Our algorithm identified small areas of invasive lobular carcinoma, a cancer lesion recognized for its complexity of detection, even with H&E slides. Dr. Ragazzi later confirmed that it was correctly evaluated by the algorithm and assessable by the clinician only through light adjustments. She concluded that these examples underscore the importance of this type of tool to guide the clinician.

This is an excellent example of the guidance offered to clinicians by artificial intelligence algorithms 

About the Histolog® Scanner

The Histolog® Scanner v2 (CE mark in 2018) provides a breakthrough innovation for checking complete tumor removal during surgery. This new imaging modality offers surgeons and pathologists the real-time ability to identify cancerous tissues and react upon it. Its innovative design makes it highly practical for quick assessment of fresh specimens and the clinician is one touch-on-the-screen away from visualizing cancerous cells immediately. It covers a broad range of surgical and diagnostic applications in oncology.