The Histolog® Scanner was successfully installed at the department of Pathology at the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in the Netherlands this week. The clinical study led by Dr. Somford, Dr. Vreuls, and Dr. Baas aims to show the ease of insertion of the Histolog® Scanner into hospital’s clinical routine, and to provide first insights on its potential to improve patients care in the context of prostate cancer.


The Histolog Scanner will be used intraoperatively by clinicians in the course of an observational study that will include 20 patients. The study aims to define the best way to use the Histolog Scanner for radical prostatectomy specimens’ surface imaging, as well as its integration within the surgical workflow, with the perspective of moving into a potential interventional setting.


Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital is part of the Santeon Cooperative bringing together seven top-performing Dutch hospitals, which accounts for ~10% of national’s hospital care volume. Santeon represents a joint effort of hospitals to increase quality and efficiency of patients care in various clinical domains, including Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Lung Cancer.