SamanTree Medical is in constant search for reaching top notch image quality while ensuring compatibility with relevant medical standards. These efforts have been rewarded by The American Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers (NEMA). The DICOM Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) standardization workgroup has indeed selected the encoding of Histolog® Scanner images as a reference implementation of their guidelines.

A sample Histolog® Scanner image encoded as DICOM WSI is available on NEMA server for the medical imaging community and manufacturers to check and promote their compatibility with Histolog® Scanner images.

About DICOM Standardization:

Medical Imaging is an ever-growing ecosystem, which is of prime importance for diagnosis in a wide variety of diseases. DICOM standardization workgroup mission is to ensure interoperability between systems and hospitals, to make sure quality of digital images and efficiency of imaging workflows remain the primary targets. More information about DICOM can be found here.