SamanTree Medical is proud to announce the commencement of studies at King’s Health Partners and at Imperial College London, two of the UK’s leading academic health institutions.

The Histolog®️ Scanner and the remote Histolog®️ Viewer will be used in the intraoperative assessment of surgical excision margins during breast conserving surgery.

Professor Arnie Purushotham, Director of King’s Health Partners Cancer Centre, and Mr. Daniel Leff, Honorary Consultant in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at Imperial College, bring significant internationally-recognised expertise in breast conserving surgery but also in the use of confocal imaging in the assessment of surgical margins.

Including more than 100 patients, these studies aim to demonstrate, in a National Health Service environment, the unique ability of the Histolog®️ Scanner to allow real-time decision-making by surgeons or pathologists with the goal of reducing re-excision rates in breast conserving surgery.

SamanTree Medical is looking forward to announcing further partnerships in the UK that, in addition to breast conserving surgery, will support intraoperative tissue assessment in other surgical specialties.

For more information on the centers, please visit King’s college and Imperial college websites.